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I’m Dianne Squires, a listener, a learner, a thinker, a doer and a Caribbean woman. In a nutshell, I’d describe myself as a calm, confident mix of creative and analytical energy. I channel this energy in service to my clients as a Culture and Communications Strategist, Event Host, Moderator and Owner of Dianne N Squires Consulting.

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My Story

In 2019, I started Dianne N Squires Consulting (DNSC) to help organisations better define their brands and build trust with the people they aim to attract and serve. And increasingly I was driven to tell Caribbean stories of ingenuity, achievement, progress and leadership, especially for sustainable development. 

Writer/Podcaster/Communications Strategist

In 2019/20, I conceived, produced and hosted the podcast Backstage with Bajan Brands to complement my blog series Favourite Barbadian Brands.  The 14 episodes of the podcast amassed over 14,000 plays. 

From 2020 to 2024 I highlighted the work of Caribbean “future makers” through the Pivot blog while working with the Inter-American Development Bank as an external communications consultant. And in a similar role between 2022 and 2024 I supported the work of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator in its mandate to accelerate initiatives to make the Caribbean a Climate-Smart Zone. 



These incredible professional experiences over the past five years plus my experiences in storytelling through dance, words and audiovisual means have ultimately served to grow my mission to Communicate Caribbean Change through DNSC. 


Who I Serve

So whether you’re a Caribbean renewable energy, agritech or women’s health startup, a seasoned development organisation or NGO, or another entity driving positive change in the Caribbean, I’m excited to help you express your unique culture, brand and stories of hope, transformation and change. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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