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You may be a development organisation, NGO or start-up advancing a sustainability agenda in the Caribbean. Dianne N Squires Consulting (DNSC) will work independently or with your internal communications teams to deliver strategy and or fast-track execution. 

Strategy & Planning 

Your communications uniqueness and effectiveness start with the norms, standards and values you cultivate internally - your culture. Brand strategy lays the foundation for that culture. We help you: ​​

  • Develop a brand strategy to position your internal and external communication for long-term impact.

  • Create communications strategies and action plans backed by relevant research and in alignment with the brand.


Corporate ensemble training

  • Startup founders and teams will set the tone for a standout culture that influences change and wins over stakeholders with our brand discovery workshops. Our brand re-discovery workshops are best for organisations at an identity crossroads, seeking a new or  direction.


Impact Storytelling 

Think of storytelling as a holistic programme to share the facts, move hearts and inspire action. We help you write, produce and speak your impact:  ​

  • Write: feature articles, blogs, newsletters, press materials, video scripts, podcast outlines, interviewer questions 

  • Produce: Audio, video, multimedia campaigns

  • Speak: Event hosting and moderating, podcast hosting 

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