You mean I have to re-adjust again?

Updated: Jun 9

Some transitions are gradual. They give you time to adjust slowly. Others give you a hard lash on your rear end when you’re busy doing things the way you’ve grown accustomed to. Those transitions jolt you into sudden change. You can never prepare for them. The sting of the initial blow stays with you for a long time but you also keep re-living the sharpness of the blow itself.

I’ve experienced both types of transitions, personally and professionally in the past few months and the pain of re-adjusting is real. But because of it I’m learning the value of patience and of wonder. I may have my plans, and work diligently to realise them but I have to accept the truth that change will happen in spite of me.

Dianne n Squires smiling
How do you manage sudden transitions?

So now I’m struck by the wonder of the smallest things and I’m finally learning that abundance is a choice to experience things and people and places fully. To stop and to listen, to look, to see, to be open. To accept that there’s something to be learned from every change. I’m learning this. I’m not a master of it...yet.

But the more I learn, the more I’m determined to practise being patient and staying in wonder because I feel the difference in how I manage the new and bigger challenges and transitions that have come my way. It’s different. It’s better.

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