Work, life, and work-life COVID 19 changes

“Does work have to be like it used to be, can I balance it with family better?”

As so many employees have made the transition to a work-from-home situation because of the COVID 19 pandemic they are forced to care for children, also at home, and complete work assignments and meetings while in isolation. And some are finding a way to make it work. Some may even be falling into a productive routine and wondering if there’s any chance that work-life could change.

While employers may be grappling with how to manage a remote workforce, the blow may be lightened by having reduced utility bills. So the questions they may be asking are, "How can I find a happy medium?" and "How can I successfully incorporate remote work in my employer brand model?"

As Barbados emerges from a 24-hour curfew and has started to re-open businesses outside of the essential services, a flexi-time system is being implemented for many government workers. It’s been a long time coming, what the unacceptable morning traffic commute didn’t seem to invoke, COVID-19 has.

So again, does work have to be like it used to be? Let’s decide.

Hear other questions consumers may be asking now because of COVID 19

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