What in the world is happening?

Updated: Feb 11

What is the real state of the world right now?

We have no shortage of news and information sources. Simultaneously, fake news abounds. So how is it possible to know the truth about the world that we live in right now?

Without a doubt we have to question things more. If you say I’m advocating skepticism, let me tell you, in an age where likes, views, impressions and buzz are valid measuring sticks, a fair bit of skepticism is a necessity.

Half truth plus half truth does not equal truth
Photo: Andrey Popov

I’m skeptical about Whatsapp videos that have been forwarded from sources I’m not familiar with. I have a ton of questions for people who start a conversation with “ I know for a fact…”. And I probe for more information when people say to me, “ I heard that…”.

I want to know where the information or the message comes from, who said it first, when did they say it, based on what, where was it said, who was there. I’m searching for truth because I know it’s hard to come by.

That in itself says a lot that’s not so good about the state of the world right now. The search for truth is a valid daily mission.

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