The Ultimate Productivity Hack

A lot depends on how productive we can be. But then a lot depends on whether anyone is interested in what we produce. And then too a lot depends on whether we’re producing for ourselves or for others and why we are producing.

Productivity in an industrial sense is about how much useful output can be generated in a specific time period with given inputs. It’s about the efficiency of your “factory”. And sometimes that "factory" is your people. The 20th century's productivity cult has influenced the 21st century's digital and information age where the West is still obsessed with efficiency. But something else has happened.

There's unrest among the people factory, in some cases a revolt. They despise being thought of as productivity machines for another's profit. They want their freedom and the price of separation is high. But they feel if they can reframe their own productivity into a sense of purpose, a feeling of positive contribution, an activity of creating positive change and becoming efficient and even profitable for themselves, that's the better place. It’s the ultimate productivity hack.


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