Scared, Skeptical, or Excited?

Updated: May 14, 2020

I remember interviewing a woman over 80 years old (I was conducting customer research for a client) and on introductions, I thought this lady was around 60 or so. But once we got into the interview, and I got over the shock of being told her real age, I knew why she didn’t look it. She had a vitality of spirit that was unmistakable and confessed that she wanted to live for a lot longer. She wanted to see the day when you could get a coke from a machine without pressing a single button or by saying “coke” and having one appear.

She was excited about the future of technology!

Now that COVID-19 has kicked the stragglers into the edges of a digital world; now that the AI evangelists feel fully vindicated that it is a good thing; now that we’re THERE already; when it comes to technology which one are you? Scared, skeptical, or excited?

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