"I’m old enough to remember the late Carmeta Fraser, that Bajan (Barbadian) powerhouse of a woman, food advocate and former Senator. Her “Food comes first” mantra echoed her belief that agricultural production and development ought to be a top priority for government to reduce food imports.”

I wrote that over a year ago now. Since Carmeta's time, the world of agriculture has benefited from research, science, and technology and still, we're worried about food security all over the world. Inequalities and industry preferences still keep many hungry.

In Barbados, we seem to go through cycles where agriculture is important, then it's not, then it's important again. And it's usually in crises like these when we realise how critical it is to have good food, good nutrition, and have it available locally. Crop farming is a particularly risky business but on a smaller scale, what can we all do? What I'm getting at is this - have you planted anything recently?

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