One question a marketer should always ask

What do people really want? It’s a question that marketers should always be asking? Half the time you wish you could read minds but the next best thing is to ask questions starting with simple ones.

And it’s not just asking questions, it’s asking the right people the right questions. As much as possible ask your end-users, but also your vendors, partners, associates. Piece together a picture of your brand.

You might go through a bit of trial and error here but there’s never information that’s bad information, each trial is a breadcrumb that leads you to another and another on the trail to the ultimate answer. Who knew, marketers are investigators too!

It’s better than gold to know that instead of “wanting it in pink or blue”, they’d actually prefer not to have it at all unless it was bigger. That would save you a lot of headache, wouldn’t it? So go ahead and ask. Even if it feels stupid or inconvenient.

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