If you think you’re not a leader think again

You may not be a boss, a manager, or an owner or you may be. You may not be leading a project or a programme, an organisation or a country, but you may be.

Whether you aren’t or you are you’ve worn the shoes of a leader.

Can I prove it? Yes, I can!

Here are a few synonyms for the word “lead”

Escort, steer, pilot, marshall, shepherd, guide, conduct, show

If you’ve ever used any of those verbs for something you’ve had to do, guess what, you’ve had experience with leadership. And you will again.

Sooner or later someone will look to you for guidance, even on the smallest things.

Now, wouldn’t you like to be good at leading? Don’t think about the grand level for now, think about those little things.

Wouldn’t you want to have the confidence to accept your leadership in the moment and help to steer things in the right direction?

Before you get there you’ll have to accept that someone else is depending on you. It’s imperative that you recognise your value in that instant.

To take on the task of leadership isn’t to be bossy or to know everything. It’s to draw on the experience that the other person is already confident that you have.

Them leaning on you represents their trust that you can guide. And If they can believe it, what's stopping you?

Step up to the task because if you think you’re not a leader, think again. Prepare yourself to be a good one.

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