How to focus

Updated: Jan 6

Focus (verb) - to give attention, effort, etc, to one particular subject, situation, or person rather than another [Oxford Learners Dictionary]

If you check the definition carefully, you’ll see that focus begins with a choice. You have to choose what to give your attention to. But many of us don’t have a system for making choices, how to decide. I wrote about my system for making decisions here. You may find it useful.

But I want to say something special about focus. Once you’ve decided what you will concentrate your effort on, how do you maintain that? Again, a system. Here’s mine (it’s still hard for me but this is what I come back to)

  1. Decide on how long to focus on that thing

  2. Allot breaks

  3. Allow for unforeseen distractions

  4. Consciously bring your mind back to that thing every time it wanders - very important

  5. Find a space that will make focusing easier

  6. Let others know what you’re trying to achieve and ask them not to interrupt for the given time period

  7. Refine - don’t be too hard on yourself; adjust where necessary

  8. Repeat

How do you focus?

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