From self-audit to reset

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

If you read yesterday’s post and you did your self-audit you now know what a reset would look like for you in each category of your life that you identified.

What’s left to do? That’s right. Implement.

But first, be brutally transparent with yourself. Know that the most difficult thing will be adjusting how you think about the world and how you think about yourself.

Change may be gravely uncomfortable at first as you force yourself to do things differently. Next, take these steps:

  1. For each category that you previously identified, carefully think through/research the feasible steps to get to your desired reset position

  2. Define a feasible time frame for that change

  3. Identify a start time/date

  4. Identify a milestone date - this is when you’ll complete another self-audit on that area

  5. Refine

  6. Keep going

Contact me here if you’d find a free self-audit and personal reset guide useful. I’ll create it if more than 10 people need it.

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