Find clarity. Get calm.

“I’m doing so many things and I feel I just need to focus. Can you help?”
“Should I focus on building my brand first or developing my skills first?”
“Do you think I was able to explain my point clearly?”

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked those questions and behind each of them is the bigger question. How can I find clarity?

We’ll always have different thoughts jostling for attention. “Pick me! No pick Me! They seem to be saying, and all at the same time. That’s on the inside.

On the outside, they’re always different events, places to go, people to see, things to do also, it seems, competing for our attention. We feel like there’s internal and external confusion in our lives sometimes.

So clarity is hard to come by especially if you don’t have a defined way of getting to it. Let me offer this. Calm is a prerequisite for clarity. Before you find clarity, you have to find calm.

This is why people who set aside time for quiet prayer, to practise meditation or just find quiet time, swear by these activities. Calm is the requirement.

But we shouldn’t just practice it at scheduled times. We need it most as a tool right in the midst of those hot, uncomfortable, confusing moments. Consciously decide to step away for a minute of calm, an hour of calm, a day of calm. That is the real practice to get to clarity.

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