When you think about it, whether or not you intentionally decide, you’ve made a decision. But how do you decide by intention and not by default?

Some decisions are pretty easy. If it will be bad for your health or important relationships, or if it directly opposes your values. Your decision is clear.

But what about when it’s not so clear, when there’s a dilemma? I’ve experienced this a lot over the past 18 months and I can share what has worked for me.

  • Understand the facts

  • If something doesn’t add up know that you don’t have all the facts

  • If you can’t get all the facts, see if you can postpone the decision

  • Whether or not you can postpone the decision always do the last step

  • Get very quiet, breathe, ask for guidance ( I ask God); state your questions one at a time in quiet and breathe. Be quiet, breathe and ask

Very unlikely decisions came for me but each made sense. Any time that I skipped the last step, the outcome immediately made it clear that I shouldn’t have.

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