Building a strong brand takes time. Accept that.

Building things takes time. You must accept that. There’s a process of planning ahead of the build, getting the necessary materials in order, putting the right people in place.

Once you get started there are changes along the way. There are delays, re-dos, additions, and omissions. But the ultimate vision never really changes, you just get the real practical experience of what it takes to get there.

So it is with building a strong brand. Like a reputation, it takes time and consistent effort, an accumulation of specific actions that positions you as “known for” that something special.

Logos, colours, and visual branding are a great part of the mix. Consistently applying your values in every part of your operation is a bigger part, and understanding who you serve best, what they expect of you, and how those expectations change with time is the larger part.

Visuals, values, and responsiveness to customer needs all work together in the build and it takes time. Actually, when it comes to building strong brands the work never stops. You must accept that and be prepared to put in the work.

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