Build a brand you can be proud of

(Letting you in on the conversation I’m currently having with myself and will probably have with a client or two)

If you’re building a brand, know what you’re selling. Know how you’re serving. Know who’d be glad, relieved, grateful, contented, emboldened, triumphant, inspired, enlightened, recharged, comforted, confident, at peace, because you, your product or service stepped into their lives.

Are you the shoe manufacturer who understands that women with wide feet want fashionable shoes too? Or the marketer who gets that your client’s budget isn’t getting any bigger right now? Or the content writer who expresses just what the reader always wished they could put into words?

Step back and assess what you’re known for, what you want to be known for, and what you could be known for. Ask the people who already buy from you.

Building means growing and growing means finding more of the people you serve best or having them find you. And you’ll have to know where to look and how to attract them.

When you know what you’re selling, how you’re serving and who needs you in their life, you’ll draw the right crowd, build a brand you’re proud of, and growth will be inevitable.


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