Brands, wellness, and global pandemics

Updated: May 11, 2020

The scrutiny around healthcare in the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic will only fuel the already burgeoning interest in wellness overall globally. *In 2018, the Global Wellness Institute estimated the global wellness economy at USD $4.5 trillion noting that it had grown by 6.4% annually from 2015-2017.

For consumers, for employees, and for employers ideas about physical, mental and even spiritual health have come sharply into focus. Respiratory health, hygiene, and contagion may be the pandemic “stars” but managing anxiety and abruptly heightened stress, increasing nutrition, charging the immune system, and staying physically active in new confines became the fringe actors as the economic and social realities of lockdowns emerged.

How will wellness continue to work its way into brand values, product development and brand story narratives? In my country Barbados, I hope it will play out through an incisive focus on curbing chronic non-communicable disease, planting nutritious food for the population, and making wellness a central focus of our country brand for locals and visitors alike.

Hear about 4 other things I think brand marketers should keep on the horizon as a result of COVID 19


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