Are you listening?

It can be hard to listen to another person’s point of view on a subject, especially when you have a very strong opposing opinion. The thing I’ve found about listening though, I mean really actively listening, is that you mysteriously start to hear the motivations behind a person’s point of view and behind yours too. You start to separate what really belongs and matters in that conversation and what needs to be addressed in another. I don’t know what works for others but I do 3 things to tune in and hear,

  1. Mentally make the commitment to listen

  2. Tune out rebuttals and ask questions for clarity instead

  3. Repeat 1 and 2 throughout

Active listening is hard, it can actually be a chore but I know if I can improve that skill by even 10%, I’ll avoid a lot of useless arguments, pointless conversations, and come away from every conversation with a fresh perspective...something learned.

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